Central Romana Corporation

La Romana International Airport

Aeropuerto Internacional La Romana

During the year 1998, the Central Romana Corporation, began the construction of the International Airport of La Romana, Casa de Campo. The company, through its subsidiary, Airport Management Services Ltd., inaugurated the airport the 14th of December in the year 2000, at an approximate cost of RD$1,000,000,000 pesos. The international airport is a sophisticated and modern airport, taking the place of the previous Punta Aguila International Airport.

Aeropuerto La Romana


The airport has within its perimeter, a total of 3,850,000 square meters of land. Its design was inspired by a sugar mill, therein inspiring its slogan The sweetest in the Caribbean.

The airport consists of three terminals, which are: a commercial international terminal; an international private terminal, and a domestic terminal, which are kept separate from each other.

The Commercial Airport is equipped with modern equipment, and for greater comfort and enjoyment of its passengers, contains a the waiting room with duty free stores, cafeterias, an area for smokers, taxi services, call centers, and various other services. In addition, it has the Private Waiting Lounge for passengers who wish to relax in a little more privacy while waiting for their flights.

The International Private terminal, located to the west of the International Commercial terminal, shares the ramp area of The Domestic terminal. It was inaugurated during December of 2004. The Domestic terminal has also been equipped with modern equipment and furniture, making it one a kind as regards to privacy, comfort and service to its users.

The Domestic Terminal was created to give fast and efficient service, satisfying the needs of the passengers traveling nationally. Each terminal even provides its clients with individual parking lots each.

In 2003, after the completion of the tourist port of Casa de Campo, operations commenced with the embarkation and disembarkation of cruise ship passengers; for which the airport has played a key role in providing the necessary support, through simple but efficient procedures in relation to security, operation and service.


Technical Data of the Airport

  • Airport OACI Rating: 8
  • Airport FAA Rating: IV
  • Hours of operation: 24H, 24/7

International Comercial Terminal Platform

Dimensions: 400 meters long, 135 meters wide

  • 7 airplane parking stations for mixed usage body types (long, wide and jumbo).
  • Landing strip was constructed of high resistance concrete.

International Private Terminal Platform

Dimensions: 160 meters long, 72 meters wide

  • Capacity: 35 executive jets

La Romana International Airport, Casa de Campo, has been a great complement to the tourism development of the East Region of the country. Beginning with a focus on customer satisfaction, the Central Romana Corporation aimed to create a world class airport with all the comfort and facilities necessary, but never neglecting the human element of their personnel, that is the essential glue to ensuring clients enjoy the best experience upon arriving and departing from La Romana.


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