Central Romana Corporation

Abraham Lincoln School

Colegio Abraham Lincoln

The Abraham Lincoln School was founded in the year 1917 by the Central Romana Corporation for the children of its American employees at that time. Today, the Abraham Lincoln school is a bilingual (English – Spanish) school. The School is one of the leading schools in the country with a student body of 444 students. The educational staff is made up of 36 professors, of which 24 are of British nationality and 12 of Dominican nationality. The school utilizes a British curriculum, and counts on excellent learning resources, such as a computer center, library, science laboratories, art rooms, recreational halls, sports fields and 28 classrooms.

The success of its curriculum has allowed its students the ability to successfully continue their education in any University in the Dominican Republic, as well as some of the most prestigious universities in the United States such as; Babson College, Boston College, University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami, Notre Dame University, Louisiana State University among others.

Versión Español
Centro Medico
Medical Center
Fundación Altos de Chavon
Altos de Chavón Foundation


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